Past Student Reflections
Before the trip I wondered why anyone would have given me money to go to Bali. Now I understand because I have so much to share with others. We became aware of the wall America has built around itself that makes us choose not to be involved in other cultures, politics—we saw a need for international sensitivity.
Bali gave me the ability to perceive negative situations as being tools for the positive. Bali is balance and blesses people with the ability to perceive the balance that exists in the world.
I gained a new life, a new outlook on the world around me.
It’s as though most of my life I’ve had bad eyesight but never realized it because that was all I’d ever known, then someone gave me a pair of glasses and magically everything came into focus. I hear more now, I notice more. Other times my brain is more adept at making connections.
I came here expecting to find answers to questions and problems, but I’ve only found that my questions before are dwarfed by the questions I have now but instead of being confused about these questions as I was before, I feel completely calm and happy to have them.

2006 Students’ Reflections
Ari- An island with the power to reverberate your memory. Turn inside out your focus. Take your heart with you the magic has begun. Crash. The world turned upside down. Lights turn off upward and mind shifts to new, more beautiful frame. A frame with carvings of history – of sunrises in rice paddies, a jumble of languages, dancing, and painting: glorious new beginning.
Brendan - One thing I have come to realize in Bali is the world is unlimited with possibilities, and no person is the same. The wonderful eight students they take each year can never expect how to feel when they arrive… no one can re-create how your senses perceive the world you explore. 
Isaiah - When I leave Bali I will leave a part of myself... Being here and seeing what other people are doing for themselves and others I believe brings me closer to myself. It’s funny how motivated and inspired I get being here. Seeing what people do and how they live just seems to make me realize my true potential and that there are no boundaries.
Ivy - What I like about his trip is getting the chance to experience a different living and learning environment. I love that I get to do it first hand and having it all right in front of me and tangible. I love seeing the way people live here. I love struggling with Indonesian and Balinese. I love being stopped 10 times a day, meeting new people and smiling at everyone.
Maida - It makes me feel like there is a lot about the world that I don’t understand. It’s really unsettling but somehow at the same time it feels comforting. Maybe knowing isn’t the important part of life or rather it could be that not knowing is just as important as knowing.
Patrick - I appreciate …  that I can feel at home anywhere with my friends, and with those who can become my friends. The experience……. has opened my mind. I hope that it will manifest itself in how I look at things once the trip is over. 
Tony - I found that going to other places and learning how to do things is the most exciting thing I have ever done.
Zoe - Being in Bali... Has both inspired me to travel and also shown me how limited I am now. In all my revelations on this trip I have learned as much about myself and my home and my culture as I have about Bali.
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